Can The Joker Be Cured?

How much money did the Joker steal?

A $100 million pallet is 92,160 cubic inches.

Estimating that Joker’s cash stack is 5.832 million cubic inches, that’s 5.832 million/92160*$100 million..

Why did joker rob the bank?

The first is that he plans to (despite mostly improvising during the movie step after step) a) have money to begin is series of crimes, which do have a budget, and b) to take the money away from criminals whom, before now, have been the scum of the city, and would compete with him.

How rich is Batman?

Forbes estimates Bruce Wayne aka Batman’s net worth to be in the region of $9.2 billion, while the Bruce Enterprises is said to have an annual revenue of $31.3 billion. All pretty cool, especially for someone whose superpower is money. Spiderman can spin a web; He-Man is the strongest man in the universe, Batman?

Is the Joker a billionaire?

By the end of week’s Batman #93, with some help from his new Number Two, Punchline, the Joker is the world’s newest billionaire. … It’s already a tough time for the Bat-Family, and now the Joker has all the resources and technology of Wayne Enterprises at his fingertips.

How does the Joker have so much money?

Bank jobs(not working in a bank), burglary(on underground Dons and not every day passerby), merchants(whatever he wanted at that time, sold by whoever), assassination, drugs( not a seller but a wholesale dealer), fear(he asks nicely and gets easily). Whatever the way a mob and it’s head makes money, he does it.

What killed the Joker?

Batman winds up tracking down the Joker with the intent to finally kill him, and the two engage in a fight that ends with Batman breaking the Joker’s neck and paralyzing him. In a sick turn of events, the Joker takes it upon himself to finish the job and kills himself by twisting his own neck.

Does Joker become good?

By no measure is he a good person. Not in the films, not in the comics, not in the cartoons. There is no version of the Joker who is, by his own actions rather than serious mind control, a good guy.

Is the Joker insane?

Originally Answered: Is The Joker insane? No, he’s a psychopath. It’s a mental disorder but it does not fit the legal term of insanity. He’s aware of his own actions, he manipulates, he schemes even though he says he doesn’t and he’s very elaborate something that someone who is clinically ill wouldn’t be able to do.

Did Joker kill Lau?

Batman saves Dent, who is disfigured in the explosion, but Rachel is killed. The Joker then escapes the police station with Lau. The Joker kills Lau and the Chechen, burns his half of the mob’s money and takes over the Chechen’s gang.

Does Joker ever become sane?

The Joker is thus very much sane before being plunged into madness and crime. Ironically, Batman plays a big role in ‘creating’ the Joker. In the Jokers opinion, not just him, but Batman is into madness as well. That Batman’s’1 bad day’ turned him into a ‘flying rat’ vigilante.

Did Joker burn all the money?

The crime lords thought the promise of money would protect them from the Joker, that it would be a form of insurance. They looked the other way when the Joker did some weird things because they believed he would never betray them so long as there is money. So, he burned the money.

How much money does the Joker have?

Black Panther reportedly has an estimated net worth of $12 trillion, while Joker only has $10700. Have you ever wondered how rich superheroes and supervillains are?