How Does Western Union Verify Your Identity?

How do I know if Western Union money was picked up?

You can check the status of your money transfer by clicking on “Track transfer” on our website.

The only thing you need is the sender’s name and the money transfer control number (MTCN)..

How does identity verification work?

A non-documentary identity verification requires the user or customer to provide personal identity data which is sent to the identity verification service. The service checks public and proprietary private databases for a match on the information provided. … In this process, ID verification is performed through webcam.

Can someone else pick up Western Union?

No. Only the person the money was sent to can pick up the money. Your ID is required. If you are unable to pick the money up yourself, you can request the sender to change the name to someone that can get the money for you.

How long can money stay in Western Union before pick up?

45 daysIn most cases, the money can be picked up within a few minutes after sending. If you do not pick up the transfer on the same day, it will remain in the system for the next 45 days. Money is not returned to Sender for 9 months after the date of sending, unless the Sender orders so.

Can you send Western Union to someone without ID?

Find a nearby agent location online or look for Western Union in your local telephone directory. Can I receive money at an agent location without an ID? You can receive money at an agent location without an ID for amounts up to 1 000 USD or local currency equivalent.

Can I pick up Western Union with an expired ID?

Me: “Well, without a valid piece of government-issued photo ID, you won’t be able to pick up the money.” … Western Union asks for the expiration date on photo ID, so this transaction will not go through.” C: “WELL, call them!” Yes, because Western Union will override an invalid ID.

Do you need to show ID for Western Union?

Western Union requires receivers to provide a photo ID as an added way of ensuring they are who they say they are – and although it’s not 100% reliable – this simple procedure helps protects your money transfer.

What does verify your identity mean?

What does it mean to verify identity? Identity verification ensures that there is a real person behind a process and proves that the one is who he or she claims to be, preventing both a person from carrying out a process on our behalf without authorization, and creating false identities or commit fraud.

What forms of ID can I use for Western Union?

Primary ID can be: passport, government-issued ID, driver’s license, government-issued superannuation ID, student ID or firearms license.