How Quickly Does A Blast Chiller Work?

What is the purpose of a blast chiller?

A blast chiller is a piece of equipment that quickly lowers the temperature of food.

Blast chillers are also referred to as blast freezers or flash freezers.

They typically have multiple shelves where food pans or sheet pans can be stored and chilled at extremely low temperatures..

How is a blast chiller different than a freezer?

All the liquid that seeps out of your thawed food is a loss, of weight, flavour and nutrients. A Blast Freezer promotes rapid freezing the faster the freezing the smaller the crystals. Your Blast chiller lowers the temperature at a rapid rate, so you get micro-crystallization.

How fast does a blast freezer freeze?

Typically a traditional freezer will take approximately 6 hours to freeze your product through. A Blast Freezer can have that same product frozen in 30 minutes. This means you would need a freezer with 12 times the capacity of a Blast Freezer to process the same amount of product in a given time.

What temperature is a blast freezer?

The Blast Freeze process requires that food be reduced from a temperature of +70ºC to –18ºC in no more than 240 minutes.

How much is a blast chiller cost?

The Freddy blast chiller retails for $2,900, and you can head to Irinox to shop and learn more about how it works.

What are the benefits of blast?

Nutritional Health Another fantastic benefit of the blast freezer is that it can help to preserve nutrients in food. The speedy freezing process of the blast freezer provides benefits to both the consumer and the business, as it effectively stops rapid nutrient deterioration.