Is Outbreak Perfected Hard To Get?

Is the outbreak perfected worth it?


Especially if you take the time to get the catalyst.

Its also worth it as its some of the best content in the game..

Is Zero Hour still bugged?

As of Destiny 2 Update 2.8. 1, The Whisper, Zero Hour and Zero Hour (Heroic) are no longer bugged and the difficulty scaling has been addressed. … With the Season of the Worthy currently underway in Destiny 2 you would be forgiven for forgetting about some older content you might have missed or given up on.

Is zero hour heroic hard?

It’s hard. It can’t just be a walk in the park. You just got to clear the adds and the puzzle quick. Try to be almost max light and be with veteran heroic experienced players.

Can you solo the whisper Destiny 2?

Thanks to the Revelry, it’s finally easy to solo Destiny 2’s Whisper of the Worm mission. All credit to Esoterickk for figuring this out. … Even though Esoterickk has basically a perfect run of the mission, any Titan can pull of a solo run.

Can Zero Hour be done solo?

It’s possible, but it’s easier in a fireteam. Most of the people that have soloed it are on PC.

Can New Light Players get outbreak perfected?

New Light players will have access to a playlist of Year 1 strikes where they can earn Vanguard armor and weapons among other drops. … Update: I’m told that New Light players also get access to the Zero Hour dungeon and Outbreak Perfected from year 2. Man!

How does outbreak perfected work?

Outbreak Perfected is a 450 RPM pulse rifle, similar to the Nightshade and Chattering Bone. Unlike both of those pulses, Outbreak Perfected does not give the Lightweight Frame bonus of +2 character mobility. On precision kills, 7 SIVA nanites will spawn and will stay for around 2-3 seconds.

Can you solo dungeons in Destiny 2?

Yes they are. Both Dungeons have certain areas that become very difficult to do solo (totem in Pit, Ogre boss in Throne). But honestly, if you put in some effort and time they are doable. In contrast they both have areas that are actually really easy to do solo too.

Is Destiny 2 solo friendly?

Finding fireteams isn’t nearly as tricky as it used to be. But in general, you can be casual, you can solo and you can take your time throughout the game. … Destiny 2 is a rewarding game, no matter your pace.

How hard is it to get outbreak perfected?

This starts the Zero Hour mission required to get the Outbreak Perfected. Much like Whisper of the Worm, this mission must be finished in 20 minutes. It’s very difficult at 690 Power, but you can start over by returning to the Captain at any time. You start the mission at the old Tower.

Is outbreak perfected free?

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is coming soon—you may have seen it mentioned around here once or twice—and with it, the free-to-play New Light edition. … The Year 2 Exotics Thunderlord, Arbalest, Outbreak Perfected, and Bad Juju are available in New Light.

Can you solo outbreak perfected?

Destiny 2’s Outbreak Perfected is an Exotic quest made available during Year 2. … Though the first half of the quest can be completed solo, the second and final half is an intense, lengthy mission that requires a dedicated Fireteam and lots of practice.

Can you get outbreak perfected without annual pass?

Yep, it’s just like Whisper You just need Forsaken for the Power level.

What does outbreak perfected do?

Its special perk generates SIVA mites which dramatically increase your damage output, especially for sustained fire, making Outbreak Perfected one of the few primaries that can reliably deal with tankier enemies.