Question: Can I Do LLB With CA Articleship?

Which bachelor degree is best for CA?

Bcom, Mcom – Bcom,in my opinion is a must while doing CA.

Most Bcom colleges do not demand attendance and hence are ideal while pursuing articleship.

Mcom can be done in case you wish to go for an abroad MBA, to fulfil the 16 years of education criteria..

Is CA Articleship paid?

Although the minimum articleship stipend is fixed by ICAI, there is no maximum limit and a CA is free to pay any amount as stipend to his articled assistant. Usually, it is the Big 4 CA Firms which pay the highest stipend to ca articles.

What is the salary of CS fresher?

While the average salary of fresher may start at somewhere around Rs 4 lakh per annum, it can go up to Rs 9 lakh with an experience ranging between five and nine years and touch Rs 20 lakh per annum for those with an experience of 20 years and over.

Is CS and LLB a good combination?

I am a 5 year LLB course pass out and am pursuing my final level of CS.. As far as i know,LLB and CS forms a best of combination and it will definitely help you in future.It gives you enhanced knowledge of Company related laws which you might not study in LLB course.

What is the salary of BA LLB?

In corporate firms, a graduate can earn an attractive salary of 12-13 lakhs per annum. They get a good working environment with a desk job. But a litigator who is equipped with both litigation and solicitation knowledge can expect only a starting salary of Rs. 10,000 to 20,000.

Can I start CA at the age of 25?

There is no maximum age limit to enroll into the course. Yes as others have answered already you can technically pursue CA at any age. There is no maximum age limit to enroll into the course. … After clearing the IPCC you have to undergo 3 years of articleship training under a Chartered Accountant.

Is math important for CA?

No Maths is not a compulsory subject for joining CA course. If you don’t have Mathematics subject in 12th then also you can apply for CA course. As we know that student of any stream can join CA course so without Mathematics you are eligible to join CA course. But you should have basic knowledge of Mathematics subject.

Can I do LLB with CS?

you can pursue Company Secretary and LLB Simultaneously. LLB is a three year regular course and CS is a distance learning course. So from this it is possible to do both at the same time but do remember since LLB is a regular course and It will restrict you from doing training of Company Secretary .

What is best ca combination?

Best option can be CS or LLB. I think these two courses would make gteat combination with CA. You can prefer any course like CS CWA or any other course like a certification course in sap or search institute site for some courses whch could help you in long term. Mostly useful degree is LLB or MBA(Finance) .

Can a CA advertise?

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, a Chartered Accountant is prohibited to solicit clients through advertisement, circular, personal communication or interview or by any other means. However, you as a Chartered Accountant, can give a classified advertisement in the Journal/Newsletter of the Institute.

Is CA and MBA a good combination?

Doing one more degree in same line does not offer a great value addition. Your second degree, should open up another dimension of your career. If you do MBA and CA, both degrees give you the same type of jobs, same types of positions, so if you can’t make it as CA, you can’t make it as a MBA as well or vice versa!

Where do lawyers make the least money?

1 being the lowest-paying state: Montana average lawyer salary: $88,600. Mississippi average lawyer salary: $97,990. West Virginia average lawyer salary: $98,630.

Can LLB and ca be done together?

Yes, you can option for studying these two courses together as many subjects covered under CA are covered under LLB as well. So it would not be that difficult to study these two courses together.

Can a CA start his own business?

After the completion of Chartered Accountant course, the aspirants can become either employed in a firm as an employee or can start their own private practice. … There are various business opportunities in the country that a Chartered Accountant can start without investing huge money.

Can I start Articleship before ITT?

Students are required to complete a total of 3 years of articleship training under a CA (equivalent to internship). … PS: It is mandatory for all students to complete Information Technology Training (ITT) and Orientation Program conducted by ICAI before starting Articleship.

Which is better CA or lawyer?

CA is good but Law is also good you will learn Gk, your logical reasoning will become stronger. … after passing CA you can open your own firm and can earn huge amount of money. you can become a lawyer and can fight cases on tax ( not criminal cases) so you can also do jobs of lawyer.

Can a CA practice as a lawyer?

Can a chartered accountant in practice also practice as an advocate? A. Yes, direction given by the Council under Clause (7) of Part I of the First Schedule to the CA Act prescribes that a chartered accountant in practice who is otherwise eligible may practice as advocate, subject to the permission of the Bar Council.

Why CA Cannot advertise?

Advertising, is regulated by the code of conduct of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and the Chartered Accountants Act, 1949. Given the stipulations that govern the profession as far as conduct goes, breach is construed as professional misconduct, and the ICAI can take disciplinary action.

Are tax lawyers in demand?

As long as there are taxes, there will be a need for tax lawyers—and you know what they say about death and taxes. There’s a constant demand for tax law expertise, and your services will definitely be relevant all year round. (You may even be busier than your law school peers in litigation or other transactional work!)

Which field is best for CA Articleship?

auditOne major field a CA puts his heart into during articleship is audit….Accounting works.Drafting of various certificates and reports.Preparing project and finance reports.Assisting in representations.Management consultancy work.ROC works.

Is CA Articleship mandatory?

Articleship is a mandatory part of the CA program and it provides a better overall learning experience. The duration of articleship/practical training is three years. It is mandatory for candidates to serve the first two years under a practicing CA.