Question: Is Amdocs A Service Based Company?

What kind of company is Amdocs?

Amdocs Limited, incorporated on September 28, 1988, is a provider of software and services for communications, pay television (TV), entertainment and media industries and other service providers..

Who is the owner of Amdocs?

The company is led by Chairman and CEO Bruce K. Anderson, and Dov Baharav, president and CEO of Amdocs Management Ltd., the company’s management group.

Does Amdocs provide work from home?

We are encouraging our people to work from home as long as it is needed: Rajat Raheja, Division President, Amdocs India. … CSPs can now provide a work from home option for its contact center agents with our Contact Center-as-a-Service Business Continuity Solution on the AWS Cloud or private cloud.

How much hike does Amdocs give?

Salaries and hikes are based on how “bell curve” on project to project, so to speak. The hike numbers may sound as market average (8% to 15% was the average that they maintained when I was there), but because their sals are on a lower side of market, you will always remain less than market average.

Should I join Amdocs?

There is no reason to work in Amdocs,if you want to do something challenging. But yes if you are going to work in another service industry,then of course amdocs is better to join. Because at least you will get a good salary.

Is Amdocs product based company?

Amdocs – Overall one of the best product based company | Glassdoor.

Is Amdocs a good company?

Amdocs is a good organizatio to work with, they have many projects to work with. Each project have its own perks( Travels) and cons (Extreme Work load some times). But working with Amdocs has its own perks such as Free Breakfast and evening snacks :p.

What does Amdocs stand for?

American Directories Operations & Computerized SystemsDefinition. AMDOCS. American Directories Operations & Computerized Systems (corporate care & billing software company) Copyright 1988-2018, All rights reserved.

Which is better Amdocs or TCS?

Conclusion: Amdocs looks a better option. TCS is a big organization, the chances of you getting a development project is not a guarantee even if they’ve asked for your preferences. Get inside details of amdocs, regarding job role change request etc. Straight To the Point Amdocs is a Better option.