Question: Who Is Batman’S Favourite Robin?

Who is Batman’s favorite Robin?

Dick GraysonIt’s absolutely Dick Grayson.

He’s always been the favorite.

He’s always been the best.

He’s the one Bruce knew he could always count on..

Who is the smartest Robin?

TIM DRAKE13 TIM DRAKE: TECHNOLOGICAL GENIUS It’s fair to say that Tim Drake is the smartest Robin. Specifically, Drake has a brilliant mind for technology, so he excels with computers and science.

What Robin becomes the Joker?

Robin Tim DrakeIn the DC Animated Universe’s Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, former Robin Tim Drake was brainwashed and manipulated into becoming the new Joker after the original Clown Prince perished.

What villain does Robin become?

Earth-6: Stan Lee’s Robin line of comics, in which DC Comics characters were re-imagined by Marvel Comics luminary Stan Lee. Robin is an orphan who has been forced by Reverend Darkk, the series’ main villain, into becoming a thief and a murderer. He meets Batman when Darkk assigns Robin to kill him.

What is Batman’s real name?

Bruce WayneBruce Wayne is the only character to be identified as Batman and is featured in Batman, Detective Comics, Batman and Robin, and Batman: The Dark Knight. Dick Grayson returns to the mantle of Nightwing and appears in his own ongoing series.

Is Robin the Joker?

Suicide Squad writer and director David Ayer has debunked the major fan theory that The Joker is Batman’s sidekick Robin. Legend has it that second Robin Jason Todd was not killed by the psychotic villain after all but instead turned into him. … “That the Joker is Jason Todd,” he said.

Who is Batman’s least favorite Robin?

Batman himself has stated that Tim Drake will one day become the world’s greatest detective and already isn’t far from passing Batman himself. The worst robin according to my view is Jason Todd. The problem with Jason Todd was he was the replacement for Dick Grayson. Dick Grayson was the first robin.

Who was the worst Robin?

JASON TODD1 WORST: JASON TODD Fans were eventually asked to vote on the fate of young Jason Todd, which resulted in his death at the hands of the Joker. Todd would later return to become the Red Hood, but his short time as the Robin still remains a cautionary tale to any youthful hero in the DC Universe.

Who is the coolest Robin?

The best incarnations of Robin, Batman’s greatest sidekickDick Grayson. (Image credit: DC Comics)Damian Wayne. (Image credit: DC Comics) … Tim Drake. (Image credit: DC Comics) … Carrie Kelley. (Image credit: DC Comics) … The Pre-Crisis Earth-2 Robin. (Image credit: DC Comics) … Stephanie Brown. (Image credit: DC Comics) … Helena Wayne. (Image credit: DC Comics) … Bruce Wayne, Jr. … More items…•

1 DICK GRAYSON Tim Drake may be everyone’s favorite Robin, but there’s no denying that Dick Grayson is the ultimate sidekick. Not only is he the first Robin, he’s gone on to establish his own Nightwing persona and inherit the Batman mantle from his former protege more than anyone else inside the Bat-Family.

Who was Robin the longest?

Jason Todd was only Robin for five years before he was replaced by, arguably, the most popular of all the modern incarnations of Robin, Tim Drake. Other than Dick Grayson, Tim’s tenure under the mask is the longest of any Robin. For more than a decade, Tim fought side-by-side as Batman’s sidekick and partner.

Why did Tim Drake quit being Robin?

Tim Drake was able to figure the identities of Batman and Robin at the age of 9 and soon after became the 3rd Robin after convincing Batman that he needed a Robin. … But ultimately Tim was forced out of his role as Robin upon the arrival of Damien Wayne at which he changed his vigilante name to Red Robin.

Why is Batman’s sidekick called Robin?

The name came to exist because that’s what Dick’s mother called him. When Dick became Nightwing, Bruce made Jason Robin, in large part because he missed Dick. … Over time, Dick grew to accept that Batman should have a Robin, to the point where he himself gave Damian the title when he was Batman.

Which Robin is in Teen Titans?

Dick Grayson’sHe is Dick Grayson. In one of the episodes, I clearly remember seeing a future version of Robin becoming Nightwing, which was Dick Grayson’s superhero alterego. This is confirmed by the Teen Titans Wikia article on Robin.

Who is the current Robin 2020?

Damian Wayne succeeds Drake as Robin in the 2009 story arc “Battle for the Cowl” up until disowning it in Teen Titans Annual #2 in 2020.