Quick Answer: Can Guys Wear Thigh High Socks?

What socks should guys wear?

No-show socks.

Go for the sockless look.

Solid mid-calf socks.

You can’t go wrong with mid-calf socks when wearing long pants, and even shorts.

Printed mid-calf socks.

You can’t go wrong with mid-calf socks when wearing long pants, and even shorts.

Ankle socks.

Ankle socks should rarely be worn.

Over the calf socks..

Is it OK to wear white socks?

If you partake in any sports, then white socks are entirely okay. They work well with most tracksuit pants or shorts and are often the right fabric to wear inside hot shoes as well. Both mid-calf and ankle white socks are fine for sports events and activities.

Why do thigh highs roll down?

The band size may be too large for your leg. Not a silicone band – Are your stockings made with silicone (gel-like material), or does it use rubber band? Rubber bands can get stretched out, thus preventing your hosiery from staying up.

Where should thigh highs sit?

Your thigh highs should sit one inch away from your inseam. If you end up with a “muffin top” on your thigh, then your thigh highs are too high and should be lowered. If your thigh highs appear crumpled, then they aren’t high enough.

Do thigh high socks stay up?

Some thigh-highs have elastic at the top to help keep them up, but wearing a garter belt will help make sure they stay up – even if you’re going out dancing, or running around town.

Is it better to wear white or black socks?

White on white looks great, as does black on black. There is nothing intrinsically better about white over black, or vice versa, but in my opinion, your socks and shoes shouldn’t be in highly contrasting colors like you see in the photo above. If you’re about to go out and buy socks, I would get both colors.

How do you wear thigh high socks without trashy?

Never wear black thigh high socks with anything that is too sexy such as low neckline, a very tight over the knee mini skirt or flashy patent shoes. Instead try adding subtle elements to your outfit by wearing a statement necklace or boots/ lacy shoes.

Are thigh high socks comfortable?

Some women say that once you try this style, you won’t want to go back to regular pantyhose – ever. They enjoy how sexy they feel, and how comfortable thigh highs can be. In addition, because thigh highs do not have tight or restrictive material around the hips, they are breezy and cooling, in all the right places.

Why are thigh high socks attractive?

The area of the thigh that is exposed is said to be another vital aspect of sexiness because while some guys may prefer small exposed part of the thigh, thereby not revealing too much skin, some guys like to see large uncovered part of the thigh as sexy.

What are knee high socks called?

Knee Socks A great length to wear with boots, tall socks that rise to just below your kneecaps are known as knee-high socks or over-the-calf socks.

How do you get thigh highs?

How To Make Thigh Highs Measure the elastic around your thigh and cut to the desired length. … Stitch the elastic together using either your needle and thread. … Put the tights on and mark where you want to cut them, giving an extra inch or so to the length for folding it over the elastic. Take them off and cut them!More items…•

What looks good with thigh high socks?

Wear thigh-high socks with a mini skirt, shorts, or dress for a fun, flirty look.Flared dresses are skirts are a popular look with thigh-high socks. … Try wearing a skater shirt with a crop jacket and pair of combat or Chelsea boots. … Shorts are also popular with thigh-high socks, especially denim.

Why do guys wear black socks?

There are Internet forums where men argue about the color of socks. It seems one common reason for black socks is they hide dirt well. One runner said this: “Simply put, I wear black running socks for the simple fact that they don’t get dingy after about five runs like white ones do.”

When should you not wear white socks?

You should never pair white socks with your designer jeans or formal trousers. White socks look good with: athletic shorts, track pants and running shoes.

Why should diabetics not wear black socks?

Many diabetics are often told that they should wear white or light colored socks. This is due to the fact that it makes it easier to see any leaking pus, blood, or other signs of injury. While this is a solid recommendation, diabetics can absolutely wear black socks!

Can guys wear knee high socks?

Typically knee high socks on boys is seen in private school uniforms . While this is S charming look, fashion changes as do industry standards. While it’s not weird and feminine for boys to wear this , it’s for formal dress and or functions .

What are thigh high socks called?

Knee highs (also known as knee high socks, and thigh high socks) are a type of stockings with an elastic top that reaches the knee.

What shoes go with thigh high socks?

Thigh-high socks look great with mary-janes, oxford heels, and most pumps or ballet flats. If in doubt, consult your roommate or BFF for her opinion. Pair them with boots. This is the easiest and most up-to-date way to rock thigh-high socks.

How many socks should a man own?

To recap: Underwear – 7 to 11 pair, at least 4 of which are athletic. Dress socks – 4 or 5 pairs in dark cool colors, 3 more in warm colors if you want. Sweat socks – 4 pairs each white and black calf-length and 4 more ankle length (any color) if you’re like me and wear shorts.

Is it bad to wear black socks?

No, it is not directly bad for your feet to wear black socks. For some people who cannot feel their feet well it is recommended that they wear white socks so they can easily notice if there is a wound because the drainage is easy to spot. … So, for those people, it is safer not to wear black socks.