Quick Answer: Do You Have To Pay For Valorant Agents?

How much do agents cost in Valorant?

Cost per agent In each agent’s unique contract, 1 level costs 200 Valorant Points (about $2 USD), and the agent is unlocked at level 5 of their individual contract.

This means purchasing 1 agent (AKA getting their contract to level 5) would cost you 1000 Valorant Points, or about $10 USD..

How many agents will Valorant have?

Pwyff and other developers told the Valorant community that 50 to 60 agents “felt about right.” That would make five agents per role. Of course, that was just speculation. It could end up being an even greater number depending on how the game develops over time.

How do you unlock Reyna?

If you wish to unlock Reyna, you can play Omen since it’s only the experience gained in your games that counts. You’ll need a total of 20,000 experience points to pass a single level. If you’re in a hurry, you can also spend 1,000 Valorant Points ($10) to move directly to Tier 5 and instantly unlock the desired agent.

Are Valorant agents free?

Upon starting the game, players will receive two Agents for free from playing games and leveling up their Ignition: Act 1 contract. Players earn one at level five and another at level 10. … Contract levels can also be purchased using 200 Valorant Points (1,000 Valorant Points is $10 USD).

Who is the best agents in Valorant?

The best Valorant agents are:Sova.Killjoy.Phoenix.Raze.Brimstone.Sage.Reyna.Viper.More items…•

How do I improve my aim in Valorant?

How to improve your aim in ValorantUpgrade your mouse setup. Want to take your aim to the next level? … Customise your crosshair. Valorant’s default crosshair isn’t going to cut it. … Crosshair placement is crucial. … Aim training exercises. … Aim training games.

How do you unlock Reyna in Valorant?

How to unlock Reyna in ValorantActivate Reyna’s Contract. Do this on the Agent screen under the Collection tab within the main menu.Earn XP to level up Reyna’s Contract. You can do this with any Agent.Unlock Reyna at Contract level 5.

Can I buy agents in Valorant?

Each level costs 200 Valorant Points to unlock, which means you’ll need 1000, (about $10) to buy five levels and unlock the Agent. Alienware’s Aurora R8 is easy to recommend as an entry-level gaming PC. Vox Media has affiliate partnerships.

How do you get contracts in Valorant?

To begin an agent contract, click on the Collection tab at the top of the screen in-game, then select Agents. Scroll through the agents until you get to the one you want to unlock and select Activate. The XP you earn in matches will now progress the selected contract. Only one agent contract can be active at a time.

How long unlock agents Valorant?

about three to five hoursAt the beginning of Valorant, completing just a few games will allow you to unlock two Agents for free. You will get to unlock your first Agent at Level 5 and then at Level 10, which can take about three to five hours, depending on how you fare.

What is the fastest way to get XP in Valorant?

The most effective way of gaining XP in Valorant is completing your daily and weekly missions. These missions offer huge amounts of XP once completed. The majority of daily missions provide 2000XP. Whereas weekly missions offer a massive 12000XP reward.

Can you unlock all agents in Valorant?

So, if you’re eager for your 8th, 9th, and 10th agents, you can pay to unlock contract levels. It costs 200 Valorant points (about $2 USD) per level, so to get from level 1 to 5, it would cost you 1000 points (about $10 USD). Again, this is optional, as it is possible to grind games to unlock all 10 current agents.

What rank is good in Valorant?

Valorant Rank Distribution And Player Percentage For Every RankRankPercentilePlatinum 176.38%Platinum 282.78%Platinum 387.99%Diamond 192.17%6 more rows•Sep 26, 2020

Who should I play in Valorant?

Valorant Agent Tier List: From easiest to hardest to playBrimstone has one of the most straight forward kits. © Riot Games.Sage is one of the strongest Agents in the game. © Riot Games.Jett is a difficult Agent to master. © Riot Games.One-shot your enemies with Raze’s ultimate. © Riot Games.

What agents do you start with in Valorant?

Best starting characters in Valorant When you first download Valorant, you’ll have access to five agents: Brimstone, Jett, Phoenix, Sage, and Sova. You can unlock the remaining six either by completing their individual contracts or simply by leveling up.