Quick Answer: Why Is Batman So Feared?

Why is Batman so scary?

The reason why Batman is scary is more than just his physical abilities.

In the New 52, no one really knew Batman existed until he joined the Justice League, even after fighting crime for over 10 years.

This basically implies that Batman is so scary that he is legendary..

What is Batman’s greatest fear?

Batman’s indomitable fear is that there will come a day when he will no longer be able to fight for the ideals he held so dear. That he would snap beyond repair, no longer protecting the morals such as his “no-kill” code that he stood for all his life.

Is Batman afraid of Superman?

The fear of Superman is always what he might do while Batman is what he is. Usually their thing used to be: Superman inspires and Batman instill fear.

Who is Batman afraid of?

The Dark Knight Rises: Batman’s Phobia To Bats Explained, And How He Could Get Over It… We know Batman has a deep and abiding fear of bats, but what does his phobia really mean, what is going on behind his fear and what can he do about it?

WHO fears Batman?

@MrRagePants said: ” Batman is suppose to be the feared in Gotham right? But it seems to me that the only criminals afraid of him are the ordinary “thugs” (7-11 robbers, kidnappers, etc). Bane, Joker, Two Face, Ivy, Scarecrow and the likes aren’t even flinching when committing crimes.

Why are criminals afraid of Batman?

There are a lot of answers saying that people fear Batman because he “breaks your bones and tortures you” rather than straight up killing you. That somehow, criminals would prefer a quick clean death than long agonizing torture Batman would or could inflict on them.