Should I Hide My LinkedIn Connections?

Can I hide my connections on LinkedIn?

You can hide your connections (so that 1st degree connections will only be able to see “shared” connections) from the “Privacy and Settings” menu.

This setting is not accessible from the LinkedIn mobile app but by changing the setting on desktop you can hide your connections on mobile as well..

Can you remove a LinkedIn connection without them knowing?

When you remove a connection, they won’t be notified. After removing a connection, any recommendations or endorsements between you and that person will be withdrawn.

How do I hide my followers on LinkedIn?

HelpClick the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.Select Settings & Privacy from the dropdown.Select Visibility in the left rail.Under the Visibility of your LinkedIn activity section, click Change next to Followers.Select one of the following options:More items…

Can someone see if you search them on LinkedIn?

No, someone cannot see if you search for them on LinkedIn, although they can see basic information such as where you work, what you do, and what keywords you used to find them. People can see you if you click on their profile unless you are searching with your profile anonymized.

Can you view someone’s connections on LinkedIn?

Navigate to the profile of the connection whose connections you want to view. Tap [Number] connections below their profile picture. You can view the connections listed under the People tab. You can also use the additional filters on top of the screen to filter your view results.