What Does The Word Erose Mean?

What does the word comfortably mean?

Definition of comfortable 1a : affording or enjoying contentment and security a comfortable income.

b : affording or enjoying physical comfort a comfortable chair was too comfortable to move.

2a : free from vexation or doubt comfortable assumptions Lamb was comfortable in his ignorance of what he did not choose to know ….

Is Erose a word?

Erose definitions Irregularly notched, toothed, or indented. Erose leaves. Irregular, as if gnawed away.

What is the verb of erosion?

verb (used with object), e·rod·ed, e·rod·ing. to eat into or away; destroy by slow consumption or disintegration: Battery acid had eroded the engine. Inflation erodes the value of our money. to form (a gully, butte, or the like) by erosion.

What does Erose mean?

: irregular, uneven specifically : having the margin irregularly notched an erose leaf.

What does Pitable mean?

evoking or deserving pity; lamentable: pitiable, homeless children. evoking or deserving contemptuous pity; miserable; contemptible: a pitiable lack of character.