What Is Another Word For Intercede?

What does aspired mean?

to long, aim, or seek ambitiouslyto long, aim, or seek ambitiously; be eagerly desirous, especially for something great or of high value (usually followed by to, after, or an infinitive): to aspire after literary immortality; to aspire to be a doctor..

What is the meaning of intercede?

to act or interpose in behalf of someone in difficulty or trouble, as by pleading or petition: to intercede with the governor for a condemned man. to attempt to reconcile differences between two people or groups; mediate. Roman History. (of a tribune or other magistrate) to interpose a veto.

What is negotiate mean?

to arrange for or bring about by discussion and settlement of terms: to negotiate a loan. to manage; transact; conduct: He negotiated an important business deal. to move through, around, or over in a satisfactory manner: to negotiate a difficult dance step without tripping: to negotiate sharp curves.

What is another word for mess up?

What is another word for mess up?blunderdirtybesmirchbobblebollixbotchbungleclutterconfusedamage198 more rows

What is a good word for destroy?

SYNONYMS. annihilate, wipe out, obliterate, wipe off the face of the earth, wipe off the map, eliminate, eradicate, liquidate, extinguish, finish off, erase, root out, extirpate. kill, slaughter, massacre, butcher, exterminate, decimate.

What does effectuate mean?

transitive verb. formal : to cause or bring about (something) : to put (something) into effect or operation : effect sense 2 …

What does consummate mean?

to bring to a state of perfection; fulfill. to complete (an arrangement, agreement, or the like) by a pledge or the signing of a contract: The company consummated its deal to buy a smaller firm. to complete (the union of a marriage) by the first marital sexual intercourse.

What does effectuation mean?

the act of implementingeffectuation – the act of implementing (providing a practical means for accomplishing something); carrying into effect. implementation. human action, human activity, act, deed – something that people do or cause to happen.

What does it mean to negotiate a curve?

08:22 . English language (monolingual) [Non-PRO] English term or phrase: Negotiating curves. When negotiative a curve at an excessive speed, vehicles will roll over. Automobiles will lose traction and slike out of a curve instead of rolling over.

How does the Holy Spirit intercede for us?

The Intercession of the Spirit is the Christian belief that the Holy Spirit helps and guides believers who search for God in their hearts. In the Epistle to the Romans (8:26-27) Saint Paul states: … We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.

What is the opposite of prerogative?

prerogative. Antonyms: disqualification, disfranchisement. Synonyms: eight, privilege, immunity.

What is a antonym for interfere?

Antonyms: avoid, hold aloof, hold off, keep aloof, keep away, keep clear, keep out, let alone, let be, retire, stand aside, stand away, stand back, stand off, withdraw. Synonyms: arbitrate, intercede, intercept, intermeddle, interpose, interrupt, meddle, mediate.

What are the duties of an intercessor?

An intercessor reminds the Lord of His promises until they are fulfilled. … An Intercessor is one who fights (or pleads) for Justice, to prevail on behalf of another. … An intercessor is one who builds the wall (or hedge) of protection.More items…

What is the synonym of intercede?

Some common synonyms of intercede are interfere, interpose, intervene, and mediate. While all these words mean “to come or go between,” intercede implies acting for an offender in begging mercy or forgiveness.

What is another word for effectuate?

What is another word for effectuate?causemakeprocuretriggerbring forthbring oncarry outdraw onresult intranslate into235 more rows

What are the synonyms of ruined?

Synonyms of ruineddead,done,done for,doomed,finished,kaput.(also kaputt),sunk.

What is the definition of F * * * * * Up?

usually vulgar : to act foolishly or stupidly : blunder. transitive verb. usually vulgar : to ruin or spoil especially through stupidity or carelessness : bungle.

What does intercede mean in the Bible?

Word Study: Intercession Definitions: The Macquarie Dictionary gives this definition: “intercede…to interpose on behalf of one in difficulty or in trouble, as by pleading or petition…” In the gospel, an intercessor is a go-between or advocate who represents and pleads our case to God.

What is the opposite of intercede?

Antonyms: avoid, hold aloof, hold off, keep aloof, keep away, keep clear, keep out, let alone, let be, retire, stand aside, stand away, stand back, stand off, withdraw. Synonyms: arbitrate, intercept, interfere, intermeddle, interpose, interrupt, meddle, mediate.

What are the 5 stages of negotiation?

Negotiation Stages IntroductionThere are five collaborative stages of the negotiation process: Prepare, Information Exchange, Bargain, Conclude, Execute.There is no shortcut to negotiation preparation.Building trust in negotiations is key.Communication skills are critical during bargaining.

What’s another word for jaded?

Jaded Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for jaded?tiredwearyweariedspentexhaustedfatigueddrainedsappeddeaddone103 more rows