What Is Micro Computer Example?

What is micro computer and its uses?

A microcomputer is a complete computer on a small scale, designed for use by one person at a time.

Smaller than a mainframe or minicomputer, a microcomputer uses a single integrated semiconductor chip for its central processing unit (CPU)..

What is Micro computer system?

The term microcomputer is used to describe a system that includes a minimum of a microprocessor, program memory, data memory, and input–output (I/O). … Thus, a microcomputer system can be anything from a large computer having hard disks, floppy disks, and printers to a single-chip embedded controller.

What is not an example of a microcomputer?

There are classes of computers that are not microcomputers. These include supercomputers, mainframes, and minicomputers.

How much does a micro computer cost?

a microcomputer with BASIC in ROM, 4k of RAM working memory, plus a tape recorder, a CRT, and their interfaces can be had for about $600-$750.

What is another name for Micro Computer?

As microcomputers grew in popularity, the name “microcomputer” faded and was replaced with other more specific terms. For example, computers purchased for business purposes were labeled as workstations, while computers bought for home use became known as personal computers, or PCs.

What are 3 types of microcomputers?

Q. 1 How many types of microcomputers are there?Desktop computer.Notebook or laptop computer.Tablet computer.Smartphone.Personal digital assistant.Server.