What Is The Antonym Of Stability?

What’s another word for mentally unstable?

What is another word for mentally ill?dementedcrazycertifiablecrackpotmaniacalgaganutty as a fruitcakeof unsound mindunstablemeshuga238 more rows.

Why is sustainability so important?

Sustainability is important for many reasons including: Environmental Quality – In order to have healthy communities, we need clean air, natural resources, and a nontoxic environment. … Sustainability aims to use our resources efficiently to benefit our campus and community.

Is unsustainability a word?

Unsustainability Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for unsustainability?invalidityabrogationinoperativenessunenforceabilityvoidness1 more row

What is the antonym for duration?

Antonyms of DURATION termination, stoppage, end, finish, abridgment.

What’s another word for duration?

What is another word for duration?timelengthperiodstretchtermcontinuanceextentspanspellcontinuation43 more rows

What animals are kept in a stable?

A stable is a building in which livestock, especially horses, are kept. It most commonly means a building that is divided into separate stalls for individual animals.

What is another word for tenure?

Tenure Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for tenure?holdingoccupancyregimereignsecurityhabitationincumbencyresidencyterminhabitancy38 more rows

What means steady?

firmly placed or fixed; stable in position or equilibrium: a steady ladder. even or regular in movement: the steady swing of the pendulum. free from change, variation, or interruption; uniform; continuous: a steady diet of meat and potatoes; a steady wind. constant, regular, or habitual: a steady job.

What is stability in life?

Updated September 09, 2014 05:56 AM. Personal stability is a lifestyle characterized by appropriate and well-thought-out decisions, consistent behavior and moderate mood swings. It’s often overlooked. Yet it’s a key component in professional and emotional success and well-being.

What is the antonyms of stable?

Antonyms for stablebroken.ephemeral.imbalanced.impermanent.insecure.intermittent.loose.soft.More items…

What is the synonym of stability?

Synonyms, Antonyms & Associated Words stability(n) Synonyms: fixedness, firmness, permanence, constancy, steadiness. Antonyms: instability, unsteadiness.

What is an example of stability?

Stability is the state of being resistant to change and not prone to wild fluctuations in emotion. An example of stability is a calm, stable life where you don’t have wild ups and downs.

Why is it important to have stability?

A stable routine gives your life structure and makes you feel in control. Human beings don’t handle uncertainty well and as unsettling as uncertainty and instability are for children it can be just as unnerving for adults and receiving members of the public.

What does unsustainability mean?

: not capable of being prolonged or continued : not sustainable unsustainable agricultural practices unsustainable growth.

What’s a synonym for duration?

duration. Synonyms: period, continuance, term, space, protraction, prolongation. Antonyms: momentariness, instantaneousness, infinity, eternity.

What is the mean of stability?

noun, plural sta·bil·i·ties. continuance without change; permanence. Chemistry. resistance or the degree of resistance to chemical change or disintegration. resistance to change, especially sudden change or deterioration: The stability of the economy encourages investment.

What’s another word for emotionally unstable?

What is another word for emotionally unstable?emotionally disturbedemotionally unbalanceddisturbedtroubledmessed uptraumatisedUKtraumatizedUSunbalancedunhingedunstable

What’s another word for unsustainable?

What is another word for unsustainable?indefensibleunjustifiableuntenableunverifiableunviableunendurableunfeasiblebrieffleetingimplausible3 more rows

What’s the opposite of stability?

To be unstable is to lack stability, meaning things could change without warning, like an unstable bookshelf that is likely to fall down. If you are unstable emotionally, you might be ecstatically happy one minute and horribly depressed and angry the next. The adjective unstable means the opposite of stable.

What’s another word for good?

What is another word for good?excellentexceptionalnicepleasantpositivesatisfactorysatisfyingsuperbwonderfulacceptable208 more rows

How do you describe stability?

1 : the quality, state, or degree of being stable: such as. a : the strength to stand or endure : firmness. b : the property of a body that causes it when disturbed from a condition of equilibrium or steady motion to develop forces or moments that restore the original condition.