What Type Of Word Is Deeply?

What is the verb for deep?


(transitive) To make deep or deeper..

What is the noun of the word deep?

3 deep /ˈdiːp/ noun. 3 deep. /ˈdiːp/ noun. Learner’s definition of DEEP.

What is the difference between the words thoroughly and throughly?

If it was burned thoroughly it could have been burned beyond use. But if it is burned “throughly” then it has been burned just the right amount all the way through.

Is Dib a word?

dib v. To move in a rapid, cautious manner; especially, with movement like a mouse or rat. dib n.

What part of speech is deeply?

deeppart of speech:adjectivepart of speech:adverbinflections:deeper, deepestdefinition 1:to or at a great depth. The ship sank deep into the ocean. synonyms: profoundly similar words: down, low21 more rows

What does deeply mean?

at or to a considerable extent downward; well within or beneath a surface. to a thorough extent or profound degree: deeply pained; deeply committed. with depth of color, tone, sound, etc. with great cunning, skill, and subtlety.

What is the noun of proud?

The noun form of proud is ‘pride’.

What is the meaning of seriously?

1 : in a sincere manner : earnestly speaking seriously. 2 : to a serious extent : severely, extremely seriously injured.

What do you call someone who is thorough?

adjective. Someone who is thorough is always very careful in their work, so that nothing is forgotten. Martin would be a good judge, I thought. He was calm and thorough. Synonyms: careful, conscientious, painstaking, efficient More Synonyms of thorough.

What does dip mean sexually?

verb. to have sex. See more words with the same meaning: sex, sexual intercourse.

What is the meaning of dip?

immerse, plunge1. Dip, immerse, plunge refer to putting something into liquid. To dip is to put down into a liquid quickly or partially and lift out again: to dip a finger into water to test the temperature. Immerse denotes a lowering into a liquid until covered by it: to immerse meat in salt water.

What is a deep person?

Deep people are not distracted Deep people know what they’re trying to do. They don’t let the opinions of others get to them. Their values, and not the changing whims of the crowd, dictate their goals and their steps. Deep people take council, but are picky about who they listen to.

What does enormously mean?

: to a very great or enormous degree or extent : exceedingly, vastly an enormously popular performer an area of business that has grown enormously in recent years an enormously complicated problem.

What type of word is deepest?

Deepest definitions. Superlative form of deep: most deep.

Is deep a verb or noun?

noun. /dip/ [singular] the deep (literary) the ocean His body was committed to the deep (= he was buried at sea). deep adjective adverbdeeply adverbdeepen verbdepth noun.

What kind of word is thoroughly?

thoroughly adverb (VERY GREATLY)

What does very thorough mean?

complete; perfect; utter: thorough enjoyment. extremely attentive to accuracy and detail; painstaking: a thorough worker; a thorough analysis.

What does I’ll dip you mean?

american-english usage slang. So, “dip” has come to mean “leave” in American slang. As in, “Let’s dip,” i.e. “Let’s get out of here.”