Who Is In The Pepsi Black Commercial?

Who is with Missy Elliott in Pepsi commercial?

Missy Elliott, who starred with Katy Perry at the 2015 Super Bowl halftime show, returns to the big game via a new Pepsi commercial with H.E.R..

Who is the rapper in the Super Bowl?

Bad BunnyEverything to know about Latin rapper from Super Bowl 2020 halftime show. Latin artist Bad Bunny made a surprise appearance at the Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show Sunday night, joining pop sensation Shakira in a performance paying homage to Miami’s Latino heritage.

Is Pepsi OK Super Bowl commercial?

Pepsi is embracing its challenger-brand status with a Super Bowl ad that pokes fun at the habit of people ordering Coke at restaurants. … “Pepsi is more than OK,” Carell says in the ad, before tossing it to Lil Jon, who delivers his signature “okayy” catchphrase.

Who is the black girl in the new Pepsi commercial?

Hallie EisenbergBornHallie Kate Eisenberg August 2, 1992 East Brunswick, New Jersey, U.S.NationalityAmericanAlma materAmerican UniversityOccupationActress2 more rows

Who is in the Pepsi commercial Super Bowl 2020?

Missy Elliott Will Star in Pepsi’s New Super Bowl Commercial Alongside H.E.R. The 30-second commercial will promote Pepsi Zero Sugar, the brand’s sugar-free cola and its new matte black cans and tabs. Missy Elliott is returning to the Super Bowl in 2020—in a brand new commercial.

Why did Hallie Eisenberg stop acting?

According to Seventeen, Eisenberg left Hollywood in 2010 to go to college. Judging by her Instagram, she’s lived a pretty normal life since then. In 2016, her then-boyfriend Owen Danoff was a contestant on The Voice.

Is Budweiser doing a Super Bowl commercial?

Budweiser released its 60-second Super Bowl 2020 commercial, “Typical American,” this morning ahead of the Big Game.

Who is the rapper in the Pepsi commercial?

Rapper Missy ElliottRapper Missy Elliott, H.E.R. team up for Pepsi Super Bowl ad.

What happened to the little girl in the Pepsi commercials?

Awwwww. She’s def grown up, but apart from being a bit taller, she’s still the adorable girl from the Pepsi commercials, right? Those dimples are practically ICONIC. Hallie stepped away from big-screen acting in 2010 to go to college, which is super cool.

How old is Hallie Kate Eisenberg?

28 years (August 2, 1992)Hallie Eisenberg/Age

Who sings the song in the new Pepsi commercial?

The Weeknd- Pepsi Vanilla TV Commercial, ‘Dance Like Everyone is Watching’ Song by The Weeknd – iSpot.tv.

What was the first Super Bowl commercial 2020?

Genesis’ “Going Away Party” Hyundai-owned Genesis will be running its first Super Bowl ad this year, starring Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. The two throw a going away party for “old luxury,” making way for the “new luxury” of the GV80 SUV.

How much does a Super Bowl commercial cost 2020?

How much do Super Bowl commercials cost in 2020? The cost of a 30-second commercial spot for Super Bowl 54 was about $5.6 million, according to AdAge.

Who is the girl in the Coca Cola commercial?

star Tanya ReynoldsSex Education actress plays on awkwardness in new Diet Coke ad. Coca-Cola owned Diet Coke is promoting the expansion of its flavour range with a new campaign fronted by TV star Tanya Reynolds.

Who is the rapper performing at the Super Bowl?

J BalvinJ Balvin comes in for “Mi Gente” Jennifer Lopez and Colombian singer J Balvin perform during the halftime show of Super Bowl LIV between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, on February 2, 2020.

What is the song on the new Pepsi commercial?

– Pepsi Zero Sugar TV Commercial, ‘Money in the Bank’ Song by The Knocks – iSpot.tv.