Who Is The Mercenary In Dark Knight Rises?

Is Bane Ra’s al Ghul son?

While searching for the Swiss in Rome, Bane encounters Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter Talia al Ghul.

Talia introduces Bane to her father, and eventually Bane impresses Ra’s so much that he chooses Bane as his heir (an “honor” he had previously imparted on Batman)..

How long was Bruce Wayne in the pit?

five monthsThe Dark Knight Rises He recounts the story of The Pit to Bruce before returning to Gotham. Bruce then spends the better part of five months in The Pit, learning about the legend of the only person (a child) to have ever escaped and training to become Batman once more.

Is the pit in Dark Knight Rises real?

The Pit is far from Gotham (Which, by the way is in New Jersey, not New York, just so people know). It was filmed in India, but the film location and the actual in story location are not the same. The Pit is officially in a ‘Middle Eastern’ Country, but it is never specified which.

Who married Batman?

Selina KyleWhile the Hollywood version of Batman is currently in limbo—we don’t know when he will return, or who will be playing him—the comic book version of Bruce Wayne is moving on with his life. In fact, he’s about to take what you might call A Big Step: he’s getting married, to Selina Kyle, better known as Catwoman.

Why did Talia kill Damian?

Disappointed in the son she created with science, Talia al Ghul used cloning technology to create a new, adult Damian clone who goes by the name Heretic. In a confrontation with Nightwing and Robin, Heretic impales Damian, killing him instantly. In turn, Talia kills Heretic for failing to eliminate Batman.

Who is Batman’s greatest love?

Batman’s Top 10 Love InterestsSelina Kyle. The best love interest Batman has ever had?Talia al Ghul. It’s hard to argue that Talia al Ghul is one of Bruce’s top love interests given that they have a son together, Damian Wayne. … Zatanna. … Wonder Woman. … Sasha Bordeaux. … Silver St. … Vicki Vale. … Pamela Isley. … More items…•

What happened to Talia al Ghul mother in The Dark Knight Rises?

Her mother, the Warlord’s daughter, was imprisoned there by the Warlord to take the place of Talia’s exiled mercenary father. One day, when Talia was a young child, the prison doctor forgot to lock their cell and her mother was attacked and killed by a group of prisoners.

What happens to Bane in The Dark Knight Rises?

Bane suffered a vicious attack earlier in his life, as depicted in the film. This then causes him permanent severe pain. From then on, he needs to always wear the mask, as it provides him with relief from the pain: Nolan has revealed that Hardy’s audio-muffling mask is actually pumping Bane’s body full of anaesthetic.

Why was Bruce Wayne in the pit?

The intention was to kill his soul prior to his body. Thus he was made to witness the destruction of Gotham. Her behaviour is consistent at the end of the movie when she asks Bane not to kill Batman and let him feel the heat and fire of 12 million souls he failed.

Does Talia love Bruce?

Talia as played by Marion Cotillard Talia Al Ghul arrives in Gotham years after the death of her father Ra’s Al Ghul. She goes by the alias Miranda Tate and manages to earn the trust of Bruce Wayne. Their relationship later turned to romance before Bane takes over Gotham.

Did Ra’s al Ghul kill Bruce Wayne parents?

Chill’s actions resulted in Bruce Wayne meeting al Ghul. This in turn led to al Ghul assisting Bruce Wayne in becoming Batman. So that’s how the Waynes died in Batman Begins. The reason they died was once again because of their wealth, but it was also connected to Ra’s al Ghul’s plan.

Is Ra’s al Ghul a villain?

Ra’s al Ghul is one of the most interesting villains in Batman’s Rogues Gallery. … He wants him to take up the mantle of “Demon Head” and lead the world into a downward spiral of Chaos as the head of the League of Assassins.

Who climbed out of the pit in the Dark Knight Rises?

BruceThe Dark Knight Rises – Bruce Climbs Out Of The Pit 1080p HD.

Is Ra’s al Ghul alive in the Dark Knight Rises?

Viewers know that the Ra’s al Ghul of the Dark Knight trilogy did actually die in the first film, but through the hallucination plot device, the character himself can come back from the grave to haunt Bruce Wayne, just as the comic version did in a literal sense.

Why was Bane attacked in the pit?

Bane protected Talia in the Pit because he could empathize the pain that he’d been going through since he was a child with her. … He wanted to preserve the innocence that he lost during his childhood by protecting Talia.

How is Bane so strong in Dark Knight Rises?

If we just follow the Dark Knight Rises movie and what it tells us about Bane, it’s because of his training. Bruce left training with the League of Shadows way earlier than Bane did. … He also damaged his mask, which, as suggested by Bane, supplies some kind of painkiller. Not Venom to make him stronger.

Who kills Bane in The Dark Knight Rises?

Selina KyleBane ignored Talia’s command and decided to kill Batman himself with a shotgun. but was shot at point-blank range in the chest by Selina Kyle with the Batpod’s cannon, killing him instantly, before he could execute Batman.

Did Batman kill Ra’s al Ghul?

In Arrow, Ra’s Al Ghul is killed by Arrow, whereas in Batman Begins Ra’s is killed by Bruce Wayne.

Why did Talia sleep with Bruce?

If we are to consider all possibilities: It could be that Miranda Tate/Talia Al’Ghul’s motivation was as simple as reducing Bruce Wayne’s emotional and mental defenses. She may have also decided he was totally hot and may have just wanted to have sex with one of the most eligible bachelors of his day and age.

Did Batman kill Talia?

The truck goes over the railing and crashes to the streets below which results in Talia’s own death. Batman didn’t murder these people, but he absolutely killed them while intending to use excessive force. … Bruce questioned Bane as to why he didn’t do it while he was recovering in the underground prison.

Who has Jason Todd slept with?

depends on the version and the context. In the comics there’s only been 1, and that’s Talia al Ghul. After Jasons resurrection from the Lazarus Pit and after he had left Batmans side as his ward (replaced during the time by Tim Drake) he was taken in by the League of Assassins and was extensively trained by them.