Why Did Thanos Kill Half The Universe Reddit?

Why did Thanos spare Thor?

Thanos has no reason to believe that Thor would be any problem for his quest, he felt no threat from Thor.

So Thanos felt no need to kill Thor, and spared him.

Just something to think about: The Collector may not be dead.

We didn’t see a dead body of the Collector, he could have given up the stone and left..

Why did Thanos kill half the universe?

Originally Answered: Why did Thanos want to kill half the people? “Thanos did so because he wanted to eradicate overpopulation from the universe, and did not want other planets to meet the same fate as his planet did because of the scarcity of population.” Some said- “Just because he is MAD.”

Why did Thanos kill all the dwarves?

Thanos killed all of the dwarves of Nidavellir, with the exception of Eitri, to prevent them from making a weapon that could beat him. Thanos figured that if the dwarves were all gone, then he was preventing the very occurrence that happened.

Was Thanos evil?

Thanos can be called evil not because his intentions were evil. … He is evil because he just refuses to engage with the idea about what consequences his action – of snapping his finger and wiping out half the population – would actually have, especially for those who have been left behind.

Why is Thanos a bad guy?

But Thanos is certainly not a good guy, he’s a villain. Not because of the “why” but because of the “what.” His noble cause leads him to monstrous, indefensible acts. He invades planets who haven’t asked for help and murders its people, insisting he knows better than they do.

Did Thanos lie to Eitri?

Thanos clearly lied before, for example, when he promised Eitri that he would spare the dwarves if he made the Gauntlet for him, but after he got it he just killed them all!

Does Thanos kill half the universe?

When the cosmically powerful villain Thanos succeeded in attaining the infinity stones at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, he eradicated half of all life in the universe with the snap of a finger.

Did Thanos kill half of all plants?

Thanos’ power in Avengers: Infinity War is, apparently, far greater than anyone realized as his snap not only deleted half the population of the universe, but also half the plants and animals of the universe. … All he does is snap his fingers, but that one snap makes half of the world’s population disappear.

Is Thanos a God?

Thanos is an Eternal. He is immortal and has a superior physiology. He was born on Saturns moon Titan, hence why he is called the Mad Titan. So no, he is not a god, he is an Eternal and a “Titan”.

Who was Thanos scared of?

HulkThanos knew that he would lose if he fights Hulk as he is fueled by rage and his gets stronger as he gets more angry so he fear fighting against the Hulk. In the comics. It was self doubt he didnt believe he was unworthy of the gautlet and bis power and that led to his defeat.

Why did Thanos kill Loki?

Thanos killed Loki in Avengers: Infinity War for betraying him. When an underling attempts to kill you, what they’ve promised and accomplished before that doesn’t count for very much.

Who created the Infinity Stones?

In Guardians of the Galaxy, the Collector explains that the Infinity Stones are the remnants of six singularities that existed before the Big Bang, which were compressed into Stones by cosmic entities after the universe began and were dispersed throughout the cosmos.

Why does Thanos know Tony Stark?

According to Looper.com, director Joe Russo revealed that Thanos recognized Tony as the person who foiled his scheme to capture power on Earth through Loki in 2012’s The Avengers. “He’s aware of Stark from the original Battle of New York as the person who undid the plan,” said Russo about Thanos knowing Stark.

Can Hela beat Thanos?

Her ability to create weapons helped her conquer Asgard, among several other worlds, and even helped her defeat both Thor and Loki fairly quickly. Additionally, Hela is capable of manifesting sharp, blade-like structures in the ground that would certainly be useful in defeating the Thanos.

Was Thanos afraid of Odin?

There is no reason that Thanos would fear Odin. Thanos had the Infinity Stones. … Thanos had way more power than Odin would ever have when he had those stones. In fact, in the original comic, ALL of the Asgardians were there to fight Thanos AND THEY LOST.

Who is stronger Thanos or Odin?

Odin is more durable and stronger than Thanos and, as a mere side effect of his battles (collateral damage, essentially) entire galaxies can be destroyed (something which happened in his fight with Seth, for example).

How many asgardians did Thanos kill?

Thanos 1st killed half of the suvivors aboard rhe Statesman when he attacked to get the Tesseract (Space Stone) from Loki. Then during his devastating Snap, he killed half or the half. Thanos is therefore responsible for killing 3/4 of surviving Asgardians after the events of Thor: Ragnarok.