Will There Be Superman 2?

Will Cavill play Superman again?

Henry Cavill in Talks to Return as Superman for DC Films ‘ DC movies.

Per Deadline, Cavill has been in talks with the studio to return as the beloved character, but with an important caveat — the report clearly states that the plan is not for a Man of Steel sequel or a solo Superman film..

Who will be the next Superman?

Is Reportedly Eyeing a 26-Year-Old to Replace Henry Cavill as Superman. According to reporting last week, Warner Bros. has been compiling a list of potential actors to succeed Henry Cavill as Superman. Atop the list: American actor and Cavill-look-alike, David Corenswet, 26.

What is the next DC movie?

(2019), and Birds of Prey (2020). The franchise will continue with Wonder Woman 1984 in 2020; The Suicide Squad in 2021; The Flash and Aquaman 2 in 2022; Shazam! Fury of the Gods in 2023; and Black Adam on an undecided date.

Is Henry Cavill in Supergirl?

‘Supergirl’ Enters Development Hell With Henry Cavill Back As Superman – MNN.

How much did Henry Cavill get for Superman?

UPDATE: Reports that Henry Cavill was paid $14 million for Man of Steel have been refuted. While there is still an obvious gender pay gap in Hollywood, this example doesn’t actually reflect it. Remember when Wonder Woman came out and everyone cheered for a new femininst film kids could look up to?

Who can beat Superman?

18 Superheroes Who Could Easily Defeat Superman18 Green Lantern. Superman and Green Lantern may be all buddy-buddy in the Justice League, but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t ever resorted to fisticuffs. … 17 Swamp Thing. … 16 Martin Manhunter. … 15 The Hulk. … 14 Odin. … 13 Ghost Rider. … 12 Legion. … 11 Shazam.More items…•

Will There Be a Man of Steel 2?

A lot of Superman fans are simply shocked that, despite the perfect casting of Henry Cavill, there are no plans for a Man of Steel 2. … While fans cannot wait to see Cavill take to the skies again in The Snyder Cut, it’s no substitute for a solo Superman movie.

Did Henry Cavill play Superman?

Cavill reprised the role of Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, a 2016 sequel which featured a crossover with Batman and Wonder Woman. In 2017, Cavill returned as Superman in Justice League. … Shortly after the release of Justice League, Cavill revealed he is under contract to play Superman in one more film.

Is Ben Affleck coming back as Batman?

Vanity Fair reports Ben Affleck has agreed to reprise his role as Batman/Bruce Wayne in “The Flash” movie. Director Andy Muschietti (“It”) confirmed Affleck’s return and the role he’ll play in the 2022 film.

Is Justice League 2 Cancelled?

Justice League 2 Was Canceled After Batman v Superman Snyder and Chris Terrio rewrote the original script before filming began, while Geoff Johns helped rewrite the script again on-set, and later orchestrated additional changes from a writer’s room.